The Law of Attraction – Does it really work?

LAW-OF-ATTRACTION-QUOTEThe law of attraction (LOA) – Does it really work? Absolutely! What is it? – The LOA is said to be the universal law that states each one of us, regardless of religion, has the ability to attract things into our lives with thought and intention. Simply put, like attracts like.

Everything is ENERGY. The energy you put out into the universe, the universe will return and surround you with that same energy.

You wake up in the morning, step out of bed and right then you stump your toe. The pain is excruciating! You hold your poor little toe, let out a curse word or two and immediately you spiral into a bad mood…and so your day starts. What follows throughout the day seems to be one mishap after another. Nothing seems to go right. Tomorrow is a new day, and you long for it!

On this morning you wake up, step out of bed and stump your toe. The pain is excruciating! You hold your poor little toe, breath, breath, the pain subsides, you then release the incident from your mind – you let it go. You think of the day ahead with enthusiasm and look forward to what it will bring. The rest of your day ends up being smooth sailing and fabulous! Even here we can see how our thoughts, vibrations, energy (negative vs positive) can have a profound effect.

The LOA, karma, yin and yang, etc., it’s not about keeping score, payback or any of that…it’s simply the laws of the universe. What you send out, you will receive in return. Happy feelings will attract happy circumstances. Negative feelings will attract undesirable circumstances. The same goes with your actions. Do to others what you would have them do to you ~ Matthew 7:12.

Do you desire your dream home, financial independence, a new car, better health, weight loss, (yes, even that), connect with the love of your life? Or maybe you just want that pretty dress you’ve been eyeing. Well, all can be obtained utilizing the law of attraction. Nothing is too big nor too small.


How it works; Everything is energy, everything works to reach a state of balance…like attracts like.

I’m sure you’ve all seen LOA vision boards. Well, there’s a bit more to it than just the board itself. One cannot simply make a pretty collage, stick it on the fridge and poof! Like magic, all wishes and desires come true (that would be wonderful however). it’s the thoughts and feelings the board brings to you.  A reminder, a helpful tool working with the LOA.

Fear, ego (your small self), and lack of faith. Unfortunately, this is what stands in the way of the LOA working for so many…and understandably! As young children most of us likely lived day to day carefree and majority of the time we naturally held a high, happy vibration. Why do we now not exude this carefree, childlike energy nearly as often? Experience. We have now lived in this life for a much longer period of time. We have experienced pain, betrayal and countless disappointments. When first working with the LOA one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is yourself. Moving forward; if you THINK, SPEAK and FEEL negativity…replace it with positive thoughts, words and a happy vibrational feeling. (this of course not being the easiest of tasks at times, but eventually will start occurring more naturally)


Steps to manifestation; Claim it, See it, Feel it, Give thanks – even before receive! Start each day (or even throughout) speaking words of affirmations. EX. I give great thanks for the abundance I am receiving, thank you for the growth of my business, thank you for uniting me with the love I am destined to be with, thank you for the health and safe keeping of my children. I am so blessed for having such a bright, healthy loving child. Thank you for guiding me towards fulfilling my life purpose and the path intended.

(Examples of short daily affirmations)

  • I am happy
  • I am successful
  • I am healthy
  • I am youthful
  • I am Positive
  • I am grateful
  • I am Worthy
  • I am beautiful
  • I am loved
  • I am confident
  • I am mindful
  • I am blessed
  • I am Thankful!

Feel it & see it – When speaking words of affirmations, feel it and see it. If helpful, you can even go to a place in your memory when you actually experienced such. What did it feel like when you were in a loving relationship, healthy body, financially secure, confident? What does your dream home or vacationing in Italy look like? For a moment hold onto that…really feel and visualize it. This is you implementing the LOA.

Faith, belief – Do not put the LOA on a timeline. This is where it can get a bit difficult and where the small self mentioned above can come into play. It may seem the LOA isn’t working, when in actuality it is. The universe, God (take your pick) may first have some rearranging to do…set the path for all to unfold. This is where FAITH comes in.

  • You desire a new job or career that will bring xyz…You get a call for an interview and you’re ecstatic! This is exactly the job you’ve been wishing for! A few days later you receive notice the position was given to someone else. Do you get upset? Nope! You work with the LOA. You say to yourself…Wow, that only means there’s something even better out there waiting for me!
  • You put a bid on a new gorgeous home you absolutely adore. The seller goes with another buyer. Do you get upset? Nope. You tell yourself… that’s ok, this wasn’t the one. A home I will love even more and better suited for is coming. 🙂

Stop the negative talk!

You say..

  • I’ll never find someone who treats me with love and respect…The universe hears you and says ok…and that’s what it keeps sending you.
  • I hate my job, everyday something goes wrong, my boss is such an ass and never appreciates all my hard work. Again, the universe hears you and delivers.
  • My husband, kids, family, and I fight all the time…guess what?

Just remember…Everything is ENERGY – thoughts, actions, even that coffee table sitting in your living room. The energy you put into the universe, the universe wll return and surround you with that same energy.

When will the LOA not work? Only if receiving your desire would interfere with your soul contract/destiny. If having your desire manifested at that particular time interferes with a lesson/teaching situation you are to learn on a soul level…the universe will not alter. However, remember the saying…there’s always a silver lining?

About 6 and a half years ago I went through a long court battle with my ex. I wanted to relocate to my FL hometown (at the time living in Louisville, KY) with my 18 month old daughter and my son. In FL I had family, friends, support and as an esthetician my income at the time would have also likely increased. Long story short, in the end the move was not permitted. I was devastated! I remember being soo angry. All along I believed everything would work out just as I wanted… as I prayed it would, as I gave thanks it would, as I had faith it would. I felt betrayed. During this time I recall my Mother saying…”Well, it just means you’re not suppose to move there.” And no, that did not make me feel any better…even though as usual, she was right.

Remember that silver lining, soul contract, destined path? Well, it was also during this low point in my life that I reconnected with my first, major childhood crush. We are now happily married, and living in Nashville, TN. Yep, I went back to court, but this time I won! The courts granted me permission to relocate to TN with my family. However, had things gone as I originally wanted, my husband and I may not even be married today – the man I was destined to marry. Additionally, although moving back to my childhood town is what I wanted at the time, I later realized I wouldn’t have been happy there.

We can’t always see that silver lining in times of sadness and disappointment. It is only when looking back all becomes so very clear. The key is to have faith, not hold on to the anger, and feelings of disappointment. Believe that no matter how far off track (our track) things get, there is a reason, and happening for our highest, and greatest good. You believe that and the world becomes your oyster.

So whether or not you believe there are laws of the universe at play makes no matter. The laws of the universe will continue to play a significant role in each of our lives regardless. However, if you do choose to acknowledge and work with it…Well, remember the oyster? 😉

~ Brightest blessings♡




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