Everything Happens For A Reason. Does it?

33214115971732928_zIOUAmkm_fOver the weekend a dear friend came to town for a girl’s night of some good ‘ol energy healing. After-all, what else is a girl to do on a Friday night. 😉 As the night progressed we started discussing the norm. Ya know, the akashic records, reincarnation, karmic law. All of which eventually led to the whole everything happens for a reason. I see these quotes often on social media or thread comments supporting such, and it always irks me. I feel like shouting… What about FREE WILL?! To me these words imply everything in our lives is set in stone.

For one to believe this, one must then omit free will. You simply can’t have both. Even in terms of natural law – cause and effect, it is through our choices/actions (i.e. free will) which leads to the needed balance and outcome. ABC occurred, because I chose XYZ, by implementing my free will. So sure, I guess to some degree everything truly does happen for a reason; action = outcome. Of course I don’t quite think this is what people are referring to here.

Do “some” things in life happen for a reason? Absolutely! In spirit, prior to taking on our physical body, we designed (with others by our side) our intended life path. This soul contract outlined a blueprint if you will, of lessons to be learned, challenges and experiences to be had. From a human standpoint many of these experiences are welcoming, while others not so much. All however are needed in purpose for our soul’s growth. Being as it may, it is while on this journey of life we can also step away from our intended path. Hence, free will comes into play. Although we may make detours from time to time, the hope is we navigate our way back. Often times you’ll find these detours mirror other past experiences. If we didn’t fully learn a lesson to be had the first go around, we just may find ourselves falling into a similar situation(s) yet again.

Many years ago I started spending time with a certain someone. One night I heard clear as day (Clairaudiant) “Stay away from him.” I couldn’t understand why I was being told this. Did I listen? Of course I did!…for a months that is. :/ If we take a look back It’s not difficult to spot these life lesson merry-go-rounds. Have you ever found yourself saying things like…WTH, how am I in this place again? How did I allow this to happen? I know better! I know I sure can. And for each one I want to kick myself hard in the butt! But hey, lesson finally learned.

So why are people frequently saying everything happens for a reason? Simple, it can be extremely comforting. It takes away one’s accountability, softens the pain and any feelings of guilt.

While not everything may happen for a reason, you can be certain of one thing. You will always come out stronger, and wiser. Out of darkness there will always be light, for THIS is God’s will.





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