Are You Afraid What The Cards Might Reveal? – How a card reading actually works…

Let me start off addressing a very common question – Is there a difference between the Tarot, Oracle, and Angel cards? A Big Yes…and no.  But that’s not what I’ll be discussing here.  I will however definitely cover the subject in the future.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a seeker (person receiving a reading) express fear just before a reading starts. Then of course there are those who shy away from having a reading all together…out of fear – “What if it shows something bad?”  Well, let me offer some clarity to ease your fears…

One thing I feel far too many readers “irresponsibly” fail to explain is how a card reading, or any reading for that matter, actually works.  Personally, I feel this is irresponsible, and not in serving the best interest of the seeker.

How do the right cards show up in a spread for each person?  Even now, whether pulling cards for others or myself (yes, despite what some may say, you can read for yourself) I’m always amazed with the accuracy, synchronicity, insight, and story that unfolds.  So how does each correct card find it’s way into a spread?  Well, it just does. I know, probably not the answer you were looking for.  Call it the universe, spirit, your higher-self… they just do.  The key is to be connected, open, and clear prior to pulling the cards.  If not, you very well may just end up with a bunch of random cards.  Some call upon their higher-self, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, God, Goddess, or even all the above.  There is an energy you can feel.  For myself, this is how I know I’m connected.

The person doing a reading is typically a psychic, or psychic-medium.  In most cases psychic, so for time’s sake this is where we’ll focus.  When a psychic performs a reading the cards act somewhat as a starting point.  The cards facilitate in relaxing, and enhancing the psychic’s abilities during the reading.

Absolutely nothing to fear…

  • To be psychic simply means having the ability to read energy – energy in the NOW.  This is what takes place during a reading.  Even a card in a future position stems from energy in the NOW.  What does this mean?  It means if you do not like what a future card shows, you have the ability to change it.  It’s called free will!  Future cards reveal the likely outcome if  the current course is continued – if you continue on the current path of A, then B will likely occur. So you see, there is absolutely nothing to be anxious about.  In fact quite the opposite!
  • Cards can be very helpful, enlightening, and bring shadows to the surface.  In doing so healing, understanding, protection, and redirection often occurs. The cards can also reveal the wonderful abundance ahead, and currently manifesting in our life. All of which can greatly reduce unnecessary stress and worry.
  • Although we all have free will, we also have a soul contract.  This means there are some experiences that cannot be altered – call it destiny if you will.  However, even in these situations I always remind others (and myself) that no matter how undesirable, in the end it really is for our highest and greatest good.  Sometimes there is a valuable lesson meant to be learned for personal, spiritual growth, or to redirect us back on our intended life path/purpose.

Regardless of the cards pulled just remember, and truly know;

  • You are a powerful co-creator in your life
  • You are fully supported
  • You are loved unconditionally
  •  You are never alone
  • Where there is darkness, there will always be light.


Note; You do Not have to be psychic to pull cards for yourself.  Allow your intuition, and spirit to guide you. 🙂




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