How Much Do You Know About Your Spirit Guides?

28685789_10155608635454858_4538159231277218478_n Do you know much about your Spirit Guide (s)? Most people know what a Spirit Guide is, and the fact that they have one. However, they don’t usually know much else about them. Here are some Spirit Guide facts that you might find interesting…

💫 Your Spirit Guide is always around you.
Even if you can’t feel them or hear them, they are always around. Especially if you think of them.

💫 They never ignore you.
You can and do, however, often ignore them. Many people easily block communication with their Spirit Guide without realizing they are doing so.

💫 They must have extensive training.
As most all jobs on the other side, being a Spirit Guide takes a skill, and this skill requires very extensive training.

💫 Spirit Guides have a purpose.
Their purpose is to help you to fulfill the things you charted before birth. They do so by offering you guidance and to request protection when it’s needed.

💫 Spirit Guides can incarnate.
Many of them can and do incarnate to spend time here are earth, learning, growing, and experiencing just like you.

💫 Most of the time you’ve had a prior relationship with your Spirit Guide.
You may have had other lifetimes together, or a relationship on the other side. But more often than not, you chose them because of a prior relationship and the trust you’ve built together.

💫 Your Spirit Guide helps you to create your chart.
You and your guide take time to create your chart together before incarnating. So they know what you wish to accomplish while you are here on earth.

💫 Spirit guides communicate in many different ways. One of the most common way is through telepathy; Telepathy is when you receive information by hearing or seeing something in your mind, “your mind’s eye” that another person (or in this case a spirit) has intentionally put there as an attempt to communicate with you. It can be in the form of words, letters, pictures, or a combination of all of these things. Spirit Guides will utilize telepathy in order to communicate short bursts of information to you.
– Other ways they may try to communicate are; block of thoughts, a knowing, dreams, meditation, hearing with the inner ear and the outer ear (not as common as inner hearing).

🗝The key is to be “open”.

💫 They cannot intervene with your free will.
If you take a different direction (away from your chart) based upon your ability to choose (free will), your Spirit Guide cannot intervene.

💫 Spirit Guides have different appearances.
They like to dress in their favorite era, or sometimes they will take on an appearance which might resonate with you the best.

💫 You have several Spirit Guides. Typically 1 – 10 at any given time.

One simple way to look at it is primary guides and secondary guides. Our primary guides are the guides that we have from birth to death, they never leave our side and they know our incarnational blueprint (or life chart) very well. There is generally one or two primary guides and they often have a similar purpose as us, as they help us they help themselves. Our secondary guides are beings that are also very close to us but are more specialized. They will come during certain stages in our life and then fade away as we integrate the lessons. Secondary guides assistance is short term and primary guides are long term.

💫 The more fearful you are about connecting with spirit the more difficult it will become.
We are the creators of our reality. The idea that there is an authoritative god that decides what happens to us is false (remember free will). That concept originated as a projection of our own humanity onto “God” in order to understand it. In reality we create our reality with our consciousness, what we say, think and feel goes. If we are fearful of the unknown, the unknown will become something that mirrors our fears to us. If we have a playful, curious and loving attitude the unknown will appear to us in that way as well. The spiritual world is a reflection of our inner world and the sooner we understand that, the better.

✨Connecting with spirit is as much about learning how to take a leap of faith and letting go of control, as it is about the actual connection. We are to learn a new way of being by increasing our sensitivity, we are to begin integrating out multidimensional self, and as we do that we begin to receive messages from spirit. The more spiritual energy we begin to channel the more we are challenged to clean up our lives. For this reason we are in control of the connection and responsible for how connected we are to the higher realms.

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