neeewHi there, I’m Tiffanie…

I’m still discovering myself, and truly I don’t think I’ll ever stop. After-all, life is full of constant change, mysterious experiences and unanswered questions just waiting to be answered.

So what motivated me to start a blog called The White Owl? Maybe the first question should be…What’s the meaning behind the name? This really depends on which time period or belief system you wish to pull from. For myself and many others, the owl is emblematic of a connection with wisdom, intuitive knowledge, seeing through the veil, enlightenment and a messenger of truth. Why white? For me white signifies purity, divine light, and mindfulness.

I thought about creating a blog such as this for some time, but for whatever reason it just hadn’t happened, until now of course. Once a few people also suggested the idea to me, I decided to put thought into action…sometimes we just need that little nudge. 😉

Thus far in this life (with many, many years to go I might add) I’ve experienced good, bad, and downright ugly. But also the mystical and beautiful. Here I will write about many of those experiences and much more.

A little about me

I’m a blessed mother of two – 8 year old daughter Rylee and 22 year old son Kristian.

My husband and I first met in the 6th. grade.  Many years later, being in our late 30’s (and living in different states) we reconnected and eventually married. – Now there lies an amazing story of fate!

Raised in FL, now living life in Nashville, TN.

I grew up in a Pentecostal faith based home.

I’m a child of the God (i.e. source, the Divine, the creator). I do not commit or follow any specific organized religion. I’m spiritual. Some may label me a Christian Mystic. That being said, I believe labels are part of the problem in the first place. “I’m me” period.

I’m a huge history buff and love learning new things, especially anything spiritual or metaphysical.

Certified Energy Healer, Oracle/Tarot reader.

I’m a seeker, believer, and choose to follow MY inner truth.

Political views? Eh, maybe we’ll just skip this one.

I love collecting crystals, painting, traveling, the beauty and tranquil sounds of the ocean and feeling my toes in the warm sand…who doesn’t?

I’m very honest…almost to a fault.

In trying times I can always hear the words of my mother…this too shall pass.

I believe we all have our own path to live, learn and grow from. I do not believe in judging others for choices made. Who am I to say how one should think, feel or live?

Talking shop; I’ve been a counselor (most rewarding♡), medical tech, licensed aesthetician, OP, and business owner. Guess some might say, I’m a jack of many trades.

In this beautiful state of being called life, helping others has always brought me immense joy. Whether business related, surrounding spiritual growth, or inner healing. It is when helping and uplifting others I feel following my intended path.

To the readers of The White Owl, I hope my words find you happy, healthy and surrounded by love.

Brightest blessings


Thank you for stopping in.



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